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Seanic's assets are utilised to support the wire rope management element of our business as well as having the flexibility to client vessels or installations for any required site scope, minimising operational disruption.

Our experienced operators provide a safe, accurate and professionally executed spooling service that enhances product life span and reduces the risk of damage during operation.

Accurate and professionally executed cable spooling as an integral part of inspection and maintenance regimes prolongs umbilical life and reduces the risk of damage during operation, that's why Seanic has designed and introduced a portable precision spooling and tensioning system for use at our facilities, on deck or quayside inclusive of:


  • Electronic tension control

  • Line speed indication

  • Cable cleaning

  • Pressure lubrication

The spooling and tensioning equipment range consists of:

  • Cable Spoolers (Reelers)

  • Guide Frames

  • Cable Tensioners ( Back tension up to 12 ton )

  • Tension Monitoring Equipment 

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